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NWFRTV#23 | San Juan Islands King Salmon & Casting for Tiger Muskie

by NWFR, February 21, 2019
Mike and team catch Chinook salmon in Washington State's San Juan Islands. They discuss good areas to target salmon, best gear to start with when fishing for Chinook, and tactics to target King's in this idyllic setting. A fun video with beautiful weather, epic scenery, and a great day in Washington's San Juan Island's for king salmon.

The second half features YJ Guide Service,, fishing for Tiger Muskie in Washington State. Craig discusses how to identify a Tiger Muskie and the differences between Muskie and Pike, what areas to fish for Tiger Muskie, and more in this special adventure featuring non-profits to support Youth Outdoors Unlimited - Washington, .

Rob and guests Jeremy Affeldt of Generation Alive, and David & Dan Cloe of the Inland Northwest Wildlife Council, and Big Horn Show,


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