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15lb Monster Brown Trout? More like 11lbs. | VLOG0005

by NWFR, May 15, 2018
Part 2 of our trip to Rock Lake in Whitman County in search of monster size Brown Trout! What we find is totally unexpected. The stocked rainbow trout were everywhere and willing to bite all day long. We were using Kekeda Flies and other assorted lures and trolling flies with and without bait, just the trout fishing basics.


Come on Me Too
5/26/2018 4:06:24 PM
I'm retired, haven't fished a lake in over 30 years. I'm new to fresh water lake fishing as I preferred salt water over fresh in So. Cal. I have a buddy teaching me the finer points on fishing for trout. I purchased a rod/reel combo the day before Mother's Day and have been fishing every day since. I've only caught 3 trout, but that's 3 more than I ever caught in a So. Cal. lake. I just wanted to let you know, your videos are very helpful. Thanks for the tips and I'll be watching your next edition as soon as you post it. Thanks.
6/8/2018 4:19:50 PM
I enjoy your videos. Informative and narrated with a nice easy going style. Looking forward to watching many more.
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