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Northwest Fishing Reports TV, broadcast on major networks in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, B.C., and Alberta.

Northwest Fishing Reports follows the adventures of Aaron Borg, Mike Carey, and Rob Holman as they fish with experts and anglers around the Pacific Northwest for everything that swims! From walleye to steelhead NWFRTV has something for you. From well known saltwater hot spots to hidden alpine lakes, each episode features the latest in tips, tackle and techniques to help you catch more fish!

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Aaron Borg

Aaron has been part of the Northwest Fishing Reports team for over a decade as the software engineer and the driving force behind the popular website. Aaron's passion for fishing was born on the many lakes of the Inland Northwest and has carried him to adventures of all kinds. While he loves the sport of fishing, he also loves the culinary benefits of a successful day on the water, and has been known to sample his catch before making it back home.

Michael Carey

Mike is the original founder of WashingtonLakes which evolved into Northwest Fishing Reports. He hails from Wisconsin where he grew up chasing bullhead, pike, and carp. He moved to the Pacific Northwest in 1989 and pursued a career as a registered nurse. Fishing and the outdoors has always been his passion. “When I’m outdoors all the stress and worries in my life fade away. I am home doing what I love to do. I return to responsibilities rejuvenated. I can hardly wait for my next adventure!”

Rob Holman

Rob joined the Northwest Fishing Report team in late 2012 and currently lives in the Spokane area of Washington State. His love of fishing started on the waters of the Puget Sound in the 80's as a young man, and continues today as he fishes across the multi-state region. While he loves any good fishing opportunity, he really gets excited fishing saltwater for bright salmon, and tasty bottom dwellers. Rob loves to share the excitement of sport fishing with his friends, family, and all those who love sport fishing.

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